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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Earn 125$ Per Sale from Hostgator Affiliate Program

Did you hear about web hosting services provider hostgator? Do you know how much hostgator is offering for each sale for its affiliates? If you don’t know the above two things then you must read this post with concentration. If you want to make money online working as an affiliate then you must add hostgator website in your affiliate programs list. I am personally working as an affiliate for hostgator affiliate program from the past few years. I am going to share my personal experience with this website and I am going to explain the important things for joining as affiliate in this site.

Hostgator Website Review:

Hostgator is a website providing web hosting products and domain registration services worldwide. Thousands of members are using its hosting and domain registration services till today. Their customer service is very nice, they always give fast response for its clients. They are having many features which will attract most of the clients. If anyone is already using other web hosting services and plan to become hostgator client, then their team will do all the work at free of cost, like domain transfer, site transfer and taking back up of the files will done completely free of cost.

Why it is easy to promote hostgator?
When comparing with other web hosting sites with hostgator affiliate program, it is somewhat easy for us to promote and generate sales. Two important factors which make interest for us to promote it are below:
(1)    45 Days Money Back Guarantee:
Yes, they are offering 45 days money back guarantee for all its customers. This will impress the visitors very much to make a try and test their hosting services. If at any cost and with any reason the client gets disappointed with their services, they will refund the amount to their customers without any delay. Here customers won’t get back amount for domain purchase. They will refund the amount which paid for buying hosting products. This refunded amount will reflect in our affiliate earnings and it will be deducted from our total commission earned  in that month.
(2)    Distribute Coupons Online To Make Sales:
Hostgator is offering a feature for all its affiliates to create coupons in their affiliate page. You can create a coupon and distribute it online, if anyone use this coupon then you will earn commission for that sale. Even though if they use other’s affiliate url and use your coupon, you will earn affiliate commission for that sale.

Commission You Will Earn With Hostgator Affiliate Program:
Hostgator is having different affiliate commission structure and it depends on number of sales you make in a particular month. Other sites mostly offer you only single commission rate slab, but here in hostgator affiliate program your commission rate will increase if your number of sales increase.
Minimum commission rate you will earn for each sale is fifty dollars. And the maximum rate of commission you earn for each client you refer is 125 dollars. Upto five sales you can earn fifty dollars through hostgator affiliate program. If you make two sales then you will earn hundred dollars, if you make five sales then you will get 250 dollars as affiliate commission. If you make sales between five and ten then your commission will be 75 dollars. If you work serious for hostgator affiliate program and bring minimum 21 clients every month, then you will earn 125 dollars for each sale. If you bring the clients regularly then you will earn money regularly with this web hosting affiliate program.