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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Freelance Article Writing Jobs

We discussed in our above post about part time online data entry jobs, and you need only typing skills to work as a data entry operator. Here I am going to explain you what is article writing? And how can you get online article writing jobs as freelancer and make money writing articles.
What is article writing?

Do you ready books? Then you will see different chapters in that book with different topics presenting about the information of that particular topic.
Writing article will come under same category, but here you will write topics for websites. And you have some limitations for your words. People won’t read your topic if you write twenty thirty pages about one topic. You must explain about the topic which you are going to present in minimum 500 words and maximum 1000 words. And visitors must get clear information within those words. If you want to tell some thing more then you must choose another title to write new article and you must divide same topic into different posts.
Skills necessary for freelance online article writing jobs:

When it comes to freelance article writing jobs you must have writing skills and online or offline researching skills. You must have good command in English to get success in freelance article writing jobs. Experience of freelance article writing jobs will bring you lot of benefits in different ways and I am going to explain it clearly step by step. You must have the capability to explain about one given topic in different ways, means presenting one topic in three or four ways. Then it will increase your writing skills day by day and you can get regular work from same clients.

How much can you earn for each article you write?
If you know what is article writing? Then the second question which comes in your mind is how much can we earn and how much we need to charge for clients? Present there is huge demand for article writers and we are having many openings for freelancers. You can earn minimum ten dollars easily daily by working as freelance article writer. Present average rate which is charging by existing article writers is one dollar per hundred words. And you must keep a minimum words target for each article, means you must write atleast minimum 500 words for each article. Then you will earn five dollars for each article you write. You are having good command in English then daily you can write almost ten articles easily without feeling any tension and work pressure. Some webmasters will ask you to write minimum one thousand words article and you must prepare yourself to write that article by making online research for the same topic.  If you learn SEO then you earn double your earnings easily, because there is lot of demand for SEO articles. There is nothing much difference in normal article writing and SEO article writing. In both cases you will write about the given topic in your own way. The only difference is they will provide you some keywords regarding that particular topic which you are writing article, you must insert those keywords perfectly in your article. If you know these tips on how to insert keywords in your articles then you can charge 2 dollars for every hundred words of article and automatically you will earn ten dollars for each 500 words of article you write. To know more tips on how to increase your earnings as article writer and to learn SEO check our other posts.